Road club as a road & transportation expert offers a unique package of monitoring & advisory services including road construction master planning, road geometrics, construction works’ management & monitoring.

We have also state-of-the-art expertise in the development of smart transportation infrastructures, like smart roads, smart lanes, smart parking spaces etc.

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Our Company specialises in :

  • Works
    • Road construction
    • Road surfacing
    • Technical works
  • Courts and pitches
    • Tennis courts
    • Basketball courts
    • 5 x 5 football pitches
    • Volleyball courts
  • Roads
    • Big / small private roads
    • Big / small public roads
  • Car parks
    • For private vehicles
    • For lorries
  • Soil rehabilitation for the construction of buildings

We also have a fleet of mechanical vehicles for hire. You can check them out by visiting Services from the top right menu or just by clicking the button below.

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About Us

Our Company has been active in the field of prime quality surfacing projects, road constructions and technical works since 1969.

Indicatively we mention our collaboration with large construction companies such as AKTOR, ELLINIKI TECHNODOMIKI, J & Ρ PARASKEVAIDIS, AVAX etc. with the lease of our mechanical vehicles for the construction of parts of ATTIKI ODOS, of the NATIONAL ROAD and of KIFISOU AVE; the construction of a section of Amalias Ave. subcontracting from ΗΟΗ HELLAS in collaboration with ATTIKO METRO, the construction of roads at the ΟΑΚΑ (Athens Olympic Athletic Centre) subcontracting from companies as SKAPANEAS, ARCHIDORON etc. as well as the construction of tarred forecourts and courts for the School Buildings Organisation

In the field of special constructions we have undertaken military works, such as:

the construction of runways as well as of apron spaces for helicopters at Marathon heliport, the construction of runways in the ex-American military base of Hellenikon and (in collaboration with HOCH TIEF & B S B MECHANICAL) we have built all the runways at Athens International Airport E. VENIZELOS. Moreover, special construction of roads, stationing and parking places at the Armoured Vehicles Barracks in Avlona…

About Us

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